Sunday, 18 October 2009

A whole week and no Blog... Tut Tut

Well Reverand its been nearly a week since my last blog.... what a week still struggling on, some things starting to make a little sence others not... Warwick of Thursday had a great walk around the campus in the morning, not planned some parking attendant sent me to the wrong costcutter 45 mins walking, never the less made it to the induction day on time.

Now its Sunday well getting close to Monday and I'm here on the laptop working actually doing so stuff to fiona's class

I'll try my best to check in a few more times this week...

Out side of the uni world last week went of a walking weekend with some scouts to a remote cottage no running water, no electric and no Loo !!!! but a great weekend of walking. didd cost a lot because I broke my car big time... ah well thats life.. Wednesday took my Beaver groupt bell ringing in local abbey, thats also good fun...

Think my pillow is calling... night all

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