Monday, 12 October 2009

Hi all, sorry been a while since last posting. Its been a bit of a roller coaster of a time as some of you are aware. I have had a low point and nearly throw in the towel but thanks to tutors and fellow students that helped me over this period. back to the studying. today another idea for Rachels assignment comes so lets hope that plants the seeds to complete this one. On the other hand had a good weekend walking in the Peak disrict with a groupof Scouts and alos gave time to reflect..

speak to you aall soon..


  1. Most have had the feeling of bewilderment at some point - being 'grown up' students means we have the added pressure of houses, relationships, families and all the other stuff with being 'grown up'. If it gets bad, make contact with one of us second years - some of us went through a few hurdles (no, we didn't go over all of them!!!!) but we are still here to tell the tale. When you have struggled to keep going there is nothing nicer than receiving that pass after the exams......and believe me you actually look forward to coming back :o)

  2. Hey David

    Keep going hun! As Katja says pull on a second year for telling their experiences or lean on us first years, i think there are a couple in the group feeling the same. I'm here to chat to if you want to xxxx

  3. Hang in there Dave....there is a flicker of light in the distance.....I can just about see it - in two years I promise you'll say....blimey that went really quickly...and that should keep you going for the next two (that's what I'm clinging to anyway!)