Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My feeling about writing course assignments..

Our tutor has asked us to answer a few questions.. so here goes...

1. My feelings about writing for a course assigment and using a blog. Blog bit first... ahhhh! this is all new to me, although I have come from a IT background, I still have concerns about the world wide web ( WWW) I know it has great things to offer, but putting my feeling out for you all to see, scary. But one way or another I will be pulled in to the 21st century... Feelings once again scary, it been many years since I was in school and left with out going in to 6th form or any other further education where essay writing was required. I'm hoping that our tutors will guide us and then it all will soon make sence. what ever the challenge is daunting but something to look forward to.

2. Why do I think we write assigmentments? I would suggest its to provide someone else the confindence that as a student we have researched and learnt our subject / topic and also provides us with a chance to recap our knowledge and check our understandings.

3. What do I think the purpose of a report is? reports I usually think of something that provide infomation if a easy to use format and can be pulled out of as required, mainly reports are factual infomation that has been gathered.

4. What do I think the purpose of an essay is? I laways thought an essay is like a story, sure that thsi is not the case. However are they not a document which is more like a story layout providing either factual or fictional infomation is a format that is to be read as a continuous piece.

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  1. loved this-I was so scared for my first trip to my course. Big step but you have been brave to comment and thios will help others!